Frequently Asked Questions - TAFE RMS AIS Training

FAQs - TAFE RMS AIS Training

Here are some answers to your frequently asked questions about TAFE RMS AIS Training

How do I get Approval from the RMS?

Prior to attending the AIS training, you must contact the Roads and Maritime Servies to get approval to do the course.

Contact the RMS directly on 1300 791 186 or email the RMS Inspection Program Services

Why do I need approval from the RMS?

Proprietors and Examiners are authorised by Roads and Maritime Services as public officials when carrying out their AIS (Authorised Inspection Scheme) responsibilities.

What is the difference between Examiner and Proprietor / Proprietor’s Nominee?

Authorised Proprietor’s responsibilities:

  • Manage station’s authorised examiners
  • Manage activities of the accredited station
  • Manage compliance with relevant rules and standards.

Authorised Examiner’s responsibilities:

  • Inspect vehicles within their accreditation and AIS Rules.

The combined proprietor and examiner course is recommended for examiners as this gives them an understanding of a proprietor’s responsibilities.

How much is the training?

For this information, please check the Course search on this website.

Can I pay on the day of training?

No. You will need to make your booking and payment in advance of the training. You will also need approval from the RMS to do the course.

How can I pay for the training?

You can pay by Credit Card or BPay online by going to TAFE NSW website and selecting the appropriate course - see How to register for more information. You may also pay by cheque or money order by filling out a registration form.

Where can I do the training?

The training is offered statewide. Check our website for the calendar of locations and dates for statewide delivery.

How long is the training?

For this information, please check the Course search on this website.

How will I know if I have got a place in a course?

Upon receipt of payment confirmation letters will be sent approximately one (1) week prior to course delivery dates.

Can I change courses?

Should you learn that you require to do additional training whilst in the course eg; enrolled for Examiners but in fact should do the full combined Proprietor/Examiner course, you can upgrade to the full course on the day of training, subject to providing the necessary payment details for the difference in price. This should be discussed with the trainer on the day. For AUVIS training you must have prior approval for the Combined training in order to upgrade AUVIS  training

Can you do the Gas Inspection course if you are not a Gas tradesman?

Yes, you can do the course if you are not a tradesman, but you must have the ASCIS qualification and motor mechanics qualification.

Do I ever have to do the training again?

Retraining is only required when advised by the Roads and Maritime Services.