Sumptuous Summer Salmon to tempt the fussiest taste buds!

Feasting like a king at Christmas doesn’t have to cost you a bomb.

TAFE NSW Illawarra’s Crispy Skin Salmon with Roast Vegetable Couscous Salad, Lime Aioli and Crispy Sumac Chips is the perfect choice to whip up for those BBQs and lazy afternoon parties during Christmas and the New Year.

Steve Atkins, resident Chef and Head Teacher of Hospitality, has put together this lovely, summery recipe that is high on goodness and low on effort.

“You can get it all ready in advance and the salmon only takes 10 minutes. The secret is not to be scared to place the skin side down because the fat and oil keep the fish moist,” says Steve.

“You can cook the salmon while you’re enjoying a crisp sparkling with friends or family.

“Everything is really easy to put together so don’t be deterred by the number of ingredients,” he says.

Steve loves the health benefits from the essential oils in the salmon to the high fibre in the couscous.

“Couscous is easy to use and cheap. It’s a nice replacement for rice or pasta and it’s more versatile than quinoa. It takes on any flavour – I’ve used fresh chicken stock in this recipe,” he says.

“The Sumac Chips are really easy to make. They can be fried or oven roasted, although frying gives them a beautiful olive oil flavour and the chips go so crispy. They also marry perfectly with hummus as a dip.”

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