Worlds Away

Local Southern Highlands resident and Wollongong student, Tas Engel’s determination is as amazing as his career ambitions.

Tas’s ambition is to become a builder – or to be more specific, he wants to work as an underwater worlding builder.  And to help him achieve this unique career feat, the 17-year-old is currently studying the HSC at TAFE NSW Wollongong.

Self-driven and independent at such a young age, Tas is keen to make a niche career for himself – perhaps working under water on oil rigs, mariners and the like. Yes, you heard right – underwater carpentry!

“I’ve always been passionate about working hard, and eventually want to run my own business,” he says.

“My ambition is to combine my carpentry with scuba diving.”

On his experience at TAFE so far: “It’s such a safe environment, everyone is really friendly,” says Tas.

“It has really helped me mature and given me a direction. I’ve had the ability to flourish and prove myself. The teachers are really kind.”

Teacher Karen Moore is really impressed with Tas’s intelligence and enthusiasm.

“Despite having to travel from the Highlands every day, his attendance has been excellent,” says Karen.

“Tas’s classroom contributions and written work are always of the highest standard and it’s a pleasure to have him in class.”