Online invite to Adobe-Style Open House

Mature-aged TAFE NSW student Rochelle McDonald is successfully juggling her online studies in Property Services along with fulltime work, and attending to three children, sheep, goats and a farm-stay guesthouse.

Ms McDonald left a major role in marketing in the city and moved to the regional town of Mudgee where corporate jobs are sparse.

Blending her talents in marketing with some natural abilities and the desire to diversify, Ms McDonald embarked on the Certificate IV in Property Services via flexible delivery.

“I don’t have the time to actually sit in the classroom and learn,” she said. “I can study when I’ve got time. It’s nothing for me to pull out the laptop at 9pm and complete a module. It was hard at first but I’ve become really resourceful and I’m so good at time management now, I’ve surprised even myself.

“The Adobe Connect sessions are one of the highlights for me because I feel a part of a group and I’ve got to know my fellow students. You get a little chatbox so you can check in with each other. I have enjoyed the whole experience. I’m loving the learning and loving the people.

“If the world was my oyster, I would try to set up my own real estate agency.”

The Certificate IV in Property Services is delivered remotely by TAFE NSW Wollongong teacher and industry expert Murray Bergmeier. Mr Bergmeier has more than 20 years’ teaching experience and a plethora of industry know-how, having previously owned and operated real estate agencies. He is also a qualified auctioneer with a stock and station agency background, as well as a valuer for the real estate industry.

“Being a real estate agent is an attractive career,” said Mr Bergmeier. “Everyone has to live somewhere and most people love the idea of working in the housing market. Looking in the real estate window is often the first thing people do when they’re on holidays.

“We cover the latest sales and property-management techniques with industry-relevant software and an emphasis on databasing and advanced communication skills.

“I think people like the option of flexible delivery education so they can work during the day. It’s a modern approach to learning when students can submit work online. Flexible delivery is an innovative way for people who want to learn because of their busy lifestyles and their limited ability to commit to face-to-face learning.”

The course is run over a 12-month period, has weekly Adobe Connect sessions with strong teacher connectivity to support students when they’re learning, particularly from a remote location, or when they need extra support. It is focused on assessment-task deadlines, which enables the students to become consistent learners and increase their time-management skills.

Once students have successfully completed the Certificate IV in Property Services, they have the educational requirement to apply for a real estate licence.