TAFE Illawarra teachers going global

Teachers going global

While many students are taking a well-earned break from their studies during the TAFE Holidays, TAFE Illawarra’s teachers are pursuing their passions around the world.

Herve Boutin – a homecoming in France

Herve Boutin, our Patisserie Teacher, is currently in his home country of France working with esteemed Pastry Chef, Karina Laval, at the Château de Vault-de-Lugny – a historic castle hotel near Avallon.

Herve has been specially invited by the hotel owners, Elizabeth and Pascal Bourzeix, to create two new desserts for the restaurant.

“A little hello from France cooking up a storm at The Castle of Vault De Lugny Burgundy France,” says Herve.

“I’m working on a dessert with chocolate and raspberry, as well as a "honey bee", which is designed to recall the tradition in French cuisine using honey.”

Herve says he's also had a brush with Australian fame while working abroad.

“Amazingly, the Honourable Bob Carr former Minister and NSW Premier has just been a guest of mine.

“The Head waiter said to me, ‘Chef, an Australian delegation is in the restaurant; could you please greet them.’ I said of course – and then I walked out and saw Mr Carr himself, I could not believe it!”

Herve is looking forward to bringing his skills and experience back to his students in the coming weeks.

Monica Bufill – teaching Masters Students in Cameroon

While Monica Bufill, our Civil Engineering Teacher, has taught all over the world, she's never experienced anything like her current work with fourth year Masters Students in Yaoundé, Cameroon.

“The conditions are challenging both for me and for them, as the class is very large with 120 students. 70% are civil engineering students and the rest are studying environmental engineering.

“Students are responsible for many housekeeping chores, as the School's authorities do not attend to these things. They will repair things with whatever they can find and assist the teacher in many ways. I find a student cleaning my desktop every morning with a lovely smile and a 'Bonjour Madame’... Refreshing!”