Customised training solutions

Employees gaining workplace training delivered by TAFE Illawarra

TAFE NSW understands that the best people to help you grow your business are your own skilled, confident and well-trained staff, working to their full potential.

No matter how large or small your business, TAFE NSW staff will work with you to design and implement a workforce development solution for your business to achieve optimum results.

TAFE NSW continually researches and develops training in response to new legislation and technology. We work closely with businesses in both the private and government sectors, to identify organisational and individual skill needs, and develop customised training programs to meet those needs.

Most importantly, you can have a workforce development solution that maximises business outcomes by:

  • Focusing on the skills and knowledge that your workforce needs
  • Minimising disruption to your organisation's productivity
  • Saving your business time and money
  • Using training delivery methods and locations that suit your business

Training can be delivered flexibly using a variety of strategies designed to meet the needs of you and your team:

  • On-the-job
  • On-site at your premises
  • At a TAFE NSW location
  • Face to face
  • Online using e-learn technology
  • By distance learning
  • Recognition of prior learning
  • Fast Track solutions for simple cost effective training

Fast Track Training courses can also be customised to your business needs and delivered at a time and location that suits your organisation. Alternatively, employers are welcome to book staff into one of our 'open courses'.

Ready to boost the skills of your workforce?

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