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Harness your creativity and enjoy a successful careers in fashion, music, digital media and graphic design, or fine arts and visual arts.

Career opportunities in Media, Journalism, Design, Fashion, Arts and Music

Here are some career options:

Film and Television

Imagine a career in the world of media where you can cultivate your creativity and technical expertise. With a course in this field, you’ll learn the specialised knowledge and skills that you need to work in the fascinating world of film and television. Specifically, you may cover camera operation and shot selection, lighting, genre analysis and sound. Once you receive your qualification, you could land a career as a producer, cinematographer or film director.

Graphic Design

If you’re creative and imaginative, have an understanding of colour and form and can work under pressure and meet deadlines, you’ll love a career in Graphic Design. By undertaking a qualification in this career area, you’ll develop your understanding, knowledge and skills in animation, digital visual effects, short film and video production or graphic design, web and publication design. This could lead to a career as an animator, visual effects designer, graphic artist, camera or lighting operator, or film and television producer.

Media Journalism

Do you have a strong news sense and a passion for current affairs? With a course in Media Journalism, you could acquire specialised, technical or managerial competencies to plan, carry out and evaluate your work or the work of a team in the film, television, radio and digital media industries. Specifically, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills to pursue employment and/or further training in news media/journalism. You’ll also develop a broad range of skills including basic news gathering, researching and writing soft and hard news stories for print and electronic media.


Imagine turning your passion for music into your career. If you’ve been playing an instrument for years or using your voice as an instrument, it’s time to take it to the next level. You’ll learn how to compose and orchestrate original music, lead music rehearsals and performances, coordinate technical production, make technical presentations, analyse music videos, or manage the production of sound designs and sound recordings. You may gain employment as a songwriter, soloist or member of a group or work behind the scenes in technical production or music promotion.


Realise your potential as a professional photographer by developing creative and technical skills with a Photo Imaging qualification. You’ll gain expertise in digital and analogue photography and learn about studio lighting, composition, camera control and post-production. Your career awaits as a wedding, portrait, fashion, architecture, commercial or fine arts photographer.

Sound Production

Calling all creatives! A career in the creative arts as an assistant sound engineer or designer could work for you. You’ll develop sound theoretical knowledge and use a range of specialised, technical or managerial competencies to plan, carry out and evaluate your own work or that of a team. On completion, you’ll have developed specialist expertise in music knowledge and artistic judgement.

Visual Arts

Can you picture yourself as an artist or producer and sell or market artworks in a gallery, museum or craft centre? On completion of a Visual Arts course, you’ll have improved and developed your practical, conceptual and theoretical skills in drawing, painting, printmaking, art photo imaging, digital art or glass. Ideally, you would have a great deal of creativity, good hand-eye coordination and a large amount of patience to create the perfect piece.

How to find a course

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Not sure which course to choose?

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