Environmental, Horticultural, Rural and Animal Studies

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Benefit from the new and emerging opportunities which exist in the environmental, horticultural, rural and animal studies industries for those with the right skills and qualifications.

Career opportunities in Environmental, Horticulture, Rural and Animal Studies

Here are some career options in environmental, horticulture, rural and animal studies:


Have you considered a career in agriculture as a farm manager, agriculture property worker, dairy farm production worker or supervisor? Or maybe, work as an organic production foreman. With a course in Agriculture, you’ll learn skills in the production of plants and animals and their products used to sustain and enhance human life. On completion, you’ll have developed your technical, managerial and husbandry skills.

Animal Studies

Are you passionate about working with animals? Gain experience in working with animals and prepare for job roles such as an animal attendant in a kennel, cattery, animal shelter or pet shop. Study in this field will help you develop skills and knowledge required for the care and maintenance of animals in a variety of workplaces and learn about the animal care industry and careers available in its many sectors. This course is an entry point into the animal care industry.


Embrace your green thumb and become an arborist. You’ll acquire the skills needed to work in the arboriculture industry, including plant identification, plant disease, tree climbing and rescue, work health and safety and safe trimming and felling of trees. The practice of arboriculture includes cultural techniques such as selection, planting, training, fertilisation, pest and pathogen control, pruning, shaping and removal.

Conservation and Land Management

If working outdoors is your idea of an enjoyable career, you should study in the field of Conservation and Land Management. You’ll develop skills in natural area restoration and weed/pest management, conservation earthworks, lands, parks and wildlife, community coordination and facilitation, as well as Indigenous land management. You may gain employment as a skilled operator in land management for both local and State Governments or National Parks and Wildlife, bush regeneration organisations and contractors or Landcare and other environmental organisations.


If you love working with horses, a career as a horse groomer, stable foreman, stud hand worker or as a manager in a variety of performance horse enterprises, could be for you. You’ll develop skills in handling and caring for horses. Your involvement in horses will provide unique employment opportunities in this innovative industry including equestrian, racing or breeding.


Flowers, flowers, everywhere! Tap into your creative streak and participate in a Floristry course. You’ll develop skills to produce a range of floral products, care for floristry stock, and provide service to customers in order to work as a florist, florist shop assistant or floristry business manager. Or maybe you’d like to follow this with a business course and start your own small business.

Horticulture General

As a gardens assistant, gardener or horticulture worker, you’ll be the expert in the art, science, technology and business of plants. This may also include landscape restoration or design and maintenance, plant conservation or arboriculture. With a course in Horticulture you will develop a broad range of skills and knowledge including recognising plants, planning and establishing gardens, controlling weeds, plant pests and diseases, and planting trees and shrubs.

Landscape Construction

Building creative landscape designs and making significant improvements to residential or commercial garden environments can be a rewarding way to spend your days. With a course in Landscape Construction, you’ll acquire the skills needed to work in the landscape industry, including plant identification, plant disease, work health and safety, safe use of hand and power tools, construction of retaining walls, timber structures and paving. Completion of this course will satisfy the educational requirements of the Office of Fair Trading for the issue of a landscape trade contractor licence. You’ll then have the skills you need to gain employment as a landscape tradesperson/contractor.

Parks and Gardens

If you love the outdoors, you might like to consider a career involving garden maintenance, horticulture and irrigation. You could expect to spend your workdays using garden machinery such as brushcutters, blowers and mowers, so an interest in machinery maintenance could be an advantage. You’ll develop a broad range of skills and knowledge including the recognition of plants, planning and establishing gardens, controlling weeds, plant pests and diseases, and planting trees and shrubs.

Sports Turf Management (Greenkeeping)

If the words buffalo, kikuyu or Queensland blue conjure images of immaculately kept lawn, you may like a career in groundskeeping. With a course in Sports Turf Management, you’ll acquire the skills needed to work in the turf industry, including plant identification, plant disease, turf establishment, irrigation, work health and safety, safe use and maintenance of hand tools and power equipment and construction of playing surfaces. Greenkeepers are needed for the maintenance of all sports turf including golf courses, bowling clubs, playing fields, cricket wickets and other sporting facilities.

Veterinary Nursing

If you’re a true animal lover, you’ll love a career where you can work with animals on a daily basis as a veterinary nurse or vet assistant. With a course in Veterinary Nursing, you’ll develop the skills needed to perform duties in a variety of workplace situations under minimal supervision. You’ll also learn about patient admission and discharge, office procedures, radiography, pathology, surgery, dental procedures, nursing animals and providing animal care advice. The best part is that you’ll learn from our experienced and passionate teachers who have years of industry experience.

Wool Classing, Wool Clip Preparation and Wool Handling

Do you have an affinity with sheep and wool? A course in Wool Classing, Wool Clip Preparation and Wool Handling will develop a broad range of skills and knowledge for a career in the industry. You’ll learn how to appraise wool, prepare and class wool, document, clip preparation, quality assurance, first aid plus many more skills. Employment in the sheep/wool industry may include a professional wool classer, owner classer, supervisor wool handler or shearer.

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