Information Communication and Technology (ICT) and Library Services

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Career opportunities in Information Communication and Technology

Here are some career ideas within this interest area:

Business Analysis

If you’re interested in a career as a business analyst, a course in this area will give you advanced skills in IT focused business analysis and solution development. This includes data modelling, elicitation, and requirement analysis and quality assurance. You’ll also develop skills to highlight IT issues in various business domains such as IT services, software development, outsourcing and logistics. The course is designed to cover the Business Analyst Body of Knowledge certification.

Digital and Interactive Games Programming

Do you think of great ideas for games creation when you’re gaming? With this course, you’ll develop the skills and knowledge needed to create interactive digital games and work as an independent games developer focusing on programming and code creation. You’ll learn about procedural and object oriented programming methodologies as well as games design theory and animation programming. You can elect to study specialist areas such as network games programming, iPhone and iPad development and Android programming.

Information Communication Technology (ICT)

A passion for technology can be cultivated into a career as an IT support officer, administration assistant, clerical officer and technical support officer or help desk operator. In one of our ICT courses, you’ll learn the skills and knowledge to become competent in a wide range of general information and communications technologies that require broader specialised ICT support in various areas of business and government organisations.

ICT Telecommunications

Develop your skills in the selection, installation and configuration of equipment in convergence technologies that integrate radio, optical and internet protocol (IP) based applications. You’ll learn how to assess installation requirements, plan and perform installations, test installed equipment and find faults.

IT Support and Help Desk Administrator

Get a great start if you want to work in the rapidly expanding networking field. You’ll develop ICT skills and knowledge to work as an IT support officer, administration assistant, clerical officer, technical support officer or help desk operator in various areas of business and government organisations. You’ll focus on Local Area Network (LAN) while also learning about Wide Area Networks (WAN) and the related hardware.

Information Technology Project Management

Get a combined qualification that covers Information Technology and project management. You’ll develop the skills and knowledge to manage a range of ICT projects to meet customer requirements. You may cover a wide range of specialties, including software development, hardware procurement and implementation, network analysis and deployment, and web and/or system development. This course also covers a number of project management methodologies such as Project Management Body of Knowledge.

Information Technology Strategic Management

If you’re a logical thinker and have an interest in information technology, this course may tick some career boxes. You’ll develop skills and knowledge to lead the analysis, implementation and management of emerging and converging information and communication technologies as they are integrated into the business process to support organisational strategic goals. It is a high level managerial course developing strategic approaches to business management.

Library Services

If you enjoy researching and desire a career as an assistant or technician within a library, look no further. Your day may include set up and assisting librarians with proper organisation and database management of library materials. You’ll develop your skills in searching databases, using cataloguing tools, using multimedia, providing quality customer service, and researching and analysing information to meet customer needs using the latest technology.


Have you considered a career in network management either as an independent ICT specialist or as part of a team? You’ll study our most popular and successful course with the vast majority of graduates gaining employment within two months of finishing. You’ll focus on the design, implementation and management of complex ICT networks including: managing WANs security, managing risk, testing, sustainability, servers and gateways. You’ll also receive instruction in higher level CISCO Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Routing and Switching.

Website Design and Administration

Dream of turning your interest in web design into a career? You’ll learn how to design, develop and implement a website in order to pursue a career as a web developer, website coordinator, or web programmer and software engineer. You’ll focus on backend development using complex scripting, relational databases and dynamic data types. You’ll also develop the skills needed to design, develop and manage complex online presences including websites, intranets and e-businesses.

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