Students learning Electrotechnology

Gain the skills and qualifications required for an exciting career within the Electrical industry.

Career opportunities in Electrotechnology

Here are some examples of career opportunities in Electrotechnology:

CISCO CCNA – Elective Capstone Program

Undertake the required final assessments for a previous attempted but incomplete module from the CCNA (CISCO Certified Network Associate) module offerings.

Electrotechnology - Electrician

If you enjoy technical activities and have a natural understanding of maths, science or technology, you could make an ideal electrician. If you’re wanting to enter the electrotechnology industry, this course will give you an overview of the competencies at work entry level in the industry. You’ll develop a broad range of skills and knowledge including wiring, switching, electrical theory and use of hand and power tools. It’ll provide you with a grounding in safety, basic skills and knowledge for work in many electrotechnology disciplines. Start your career as an electrical tradesperson or pursue further education and become a licenced electrician.

Electrical Engineering

So you want to be an electrical engineering technician? This study area generally deals with electricity, electronics and electromagnetism. You’ll learn how to design and develop electronic circuits, control and automation systems on electrical equipment. This qualification provides competencies to gain employment in the electrotechnology industry.

Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Systems

Are you interested in developing skills to become a refrigeration and air conditioning trades person/ contractor? You’ll develop a broad range of skills and knowledge associated with the refrigeration and air conditioning industry including heat loads and selecting equipment for basic commercial refrigeration, residential air conditioning and regulatory requirements for purchasing and handling refrigerants.

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