Instalment Plan

TAFE NSW Government Subsidised Instalment Plan

Training with us in 2018? Concerned about needing to pay in one lump sum before you start? You have other options.

You can pay upfront or you can pay through our simple, easy-to-use Instalment Plan. This payment option means you can get on with training towards your dream career, while being assured your payment process is manageable by working within your budget timeframe.

How it works

Your Instalment Plan works according to the duration and cost of your chosen course.

The chart below gives you an overview of the number of instalments required, depending on the duration and cost of your course.

An Instalment Plan is available for all Government Subsidised courses up to Certificate IV (including Certificate IV). Instalment Plans are not available for Fee for Service courses of less than six (6) months.

How do I pay?

There is a range of payment options available including:

  • Credit card (Visa and Master Card)
  • BPAY
  • Money Order made payable to TAFE NSW
  • Personal or bank cheque made payable to TAFE NSW.

TAFE NSW locations do not accept cash.

For more information, contact our friendly Customer Service Team on 131 601.

2018 TAFE NSW Student Instalment Plan

Easy Payment Plans

To help you manage your financial commitments, TAFE NSW offers you a choice of upfront payment or smaller payments spread out over a number of instalments. An initial fixed fee of $80 is required prior to training commencing and the number of instalments depends on course duration (see below).

Eligibility and special conditions

  • Duration of the course is greater than 6 months
  • The number of instalments will depend on the length of your course
  • Your fees are based on the units undertaken in your course of study.

Course Duration Number of Instalments
Up to 6 months 0 instalment
6-9 months 2 instalments
1 year 4 instalments
18 months 5 instalments
2 years - 3 years 6 instalments