Student Services and Testimonials

As an International student you will have access to a wide range of student services.

Study environment

  • A safe and secure learning environment with a full-time security service
  • A very professional and caring pastoral care support service from the beginning of your study until graduation
  • Culturally mixed small class sizes averaging 15 students


  • Student assignment resource centre
  • Language laboratories
  • Student cafeterias, restaurants, bistros, cafes and bookshops
  • Campus libraries, inter-library lending and research facilities
  • Computers, printers and internet
  • Recreational and sporting facilities at most Campuses

Student support services

  • A student orientation session
  • Accommodation support
  • Airport pickup service
  • Guardianship
  • Professional student counsellors and career counsellors at your local TAFE NSW location
  • Individual Learning Centre supported by very experienced staff
  • Membership of the Illawarra TAFE Students Association
  • Tutorial support when you need it

Academic Philosophy

You will find that TAFE NSW strikes a new note in the delivery of programs for International students. Our philosophy is one of commitment to relevance and best practice in the range of programs available to students seeking to improve their career or study opportunities.

Our courses either provide a pathway for further study or other stand-alone courses with TAFE NSW, or as a means of fast-tracking your studies to gain entry into university degree programs. It will also enable you to graduate with employability skills so that you can live and flourish in Australian society. Whatever the outcome, TAFE NSW will fulfill its mandate to improve your career opportunities for the future on return to your home country.

Educational & Quality Status

The Government of NSW, through the Vocational Education and Training Accreditation Board (VETAB) approves all TAFE NSW courses. All courses offered by TAFE NSW are nationally accredited and internationally recognised and meet the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001.

Dedicated and Professional Teaching Staff

TAFE NSW, Illawarra employs over 2,000 full-time and part-time staff. Our highly qualified teachers have extensive industry experience in their specialised areas. Class sizes are small, so students receive individualised attention from teachers.

You will make friends for life with these dedicated professionals whose job it is to open up all the possibilities that acquiring English can give you and who understand what it is like to both learn a language, study and live in a foreign country.

Assessment Methods

TAFE NSW employs competency based assessment to achieve world's best practice, training and education that will ensure that you are job ready at graduation. This method means your experienced teachers will present the skills and knowledge for you to achieve in progressive steps until you are able to complete a whole task. You will experience a wonderful feeling of achievement as you use the skills you have gained to progress through the course and complete each new task. Your assessments will be completed in many ways such as practical tasks, projects, presentations, research tasks, interviews, group activities, portfolios, work experience and online assessments. Your assessments will be given to you progressively as you complete each task and these assessments will be approximately 75% of your final result. Your final tasks and exams will be approximately 25% of your final result. At the end of each semester you will be amazed at the new abilities you will have from the knowledge and skills you have gained.

Our Dedicated and Professional Staff

TAFE NSW, Illawarra employs over 2,000 full time and part time highly dedicated staff to service over 43,000 full time and part time students. The teaching staff are selected for their extensive experience in their industry and their qualifications. In 2007, three teachers from TAFE NSW, Illawarra had the honour of being awarded the prestigious Australian teacher of the year award, demonstrating the excellent level of teaching and quality of vocational education at the TAFE NSW, Illawarra.

Your dedicated professional teachers through your studies will assist you to achieve the necessary employment skills to prepare you for future employment. Class sizes are regulated to be small to provide a more personalised study environment allowing you close contact with your teachers.