Credit transfer arrangements

Credit transfer arrangements; surveying student

There are many different credit transfer arrangements available at TAFE NSW.

Types of Transfers

Credit Transfer from School to TAFE NSW

If you have successfully completed your Higher School Certificate you may be able to get advanced standing in TAFE NSW courses. There are HSC subjects that give you advanced standing in TAFE NSW courses. Information is available from the HSC/TAFE Credit Transfer website. You may have also studied units of competency at school that are part of the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). TAFE NSW will also recognise these units of competency.

Please note: Credit Transfer does not give automatic entry into a TAFE NSW course.

Credit transfer from TAFE NSW to HSC

Courses or Units of Competency satisfactorily completed in TAFE NSW or other Registered Training Organisations may provide credit in the form of units of study towards the Preliminary and/or HSC study pattern required for the HSC.

Credit transfer from ACE to TAFE NSW

When you complete certain courses or competencies with training providers in the Adult & Community Education (ACE) sector, you could be eligible for advanced standing in many different TAFE NSW courses. ACE also provides a growing number of national competencies that are recognised by TAFE NSW.

Credit transfer within TAFE NSW

When you enrol in a new course at TAFE NSW you can be given advanced standing for courses or competencies that you have finished previously. You will need to present transcripts or certificates when you apply. You will need to discuss this with your Head Teacher.

Credit Transfer from TAFE NSW to University

Credit transfer arrangements are now in place for more than 100 TAFE NSW courses into 700 university courses. As a result, many TAFE NSW graduates may now gain advanced standing towards a university program, including guaranteed pathway articulations. Visit  the TAFE NSW Credit Transfer database to see what credit transfer arrangements TAFE NSW has in place with higher education providers for your qualification.

Credit Transfer from University to TAFE NSW

You may gain credit for a TAFE NSW course for university study completed in a similar field.

Credit Transfer from other studies

When you enrol in a course at TAFE NSW you may be able to get advanced standing for courses that you have studied at private providers or other educational institutions.