FAQs on Recognition with TAFE NSW

FAQs - Recognition at TAFE

Get answers to your frequently asked questions about recognition with TAFE NSW!

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Check out our helpful Candidates Guide to RPL. For quick answers, scroll down and explore the FAQs below.

What is the difference between credit transfer and RPL?

Credit transfer is recognising your previous formal studies at TAFE NSW or another registered training organisation. RPL is recognising skills, knowledge or experience you have gained outside of the formal education and training system.

How can I find out if I am suitable for RPL?

To assess your suitability for RPL complete the Get Recognised! Online App. You can find out all you need to know about the RPL process by reading the Candidate Guide to Skills Recognition.

How long will my recognition application take?

You should receive notification within three weeks of lodging your application for recognition. A qualified staff member will review your application and verify the evidence is relevant, authentic, recent, and sufficient.

Can my TAFE NSW qualification be used towards a higher education qualification?

Many TAFE NSW qualifications can earn you credit towards a Degree at universities or higher education organisations across Australia. The amount of credit you may receive depends on the agreed arrangements (called articulation arrangements) for your qualification and the higher education qualification you want to do. You can find more information about current TAFE NSW to University arrangements on this helpful TAFE NSW Credit Transfer website.

When can I apply?

The best time to apply for recognition is when you enrol or within the first three weeks after enrolment. This allows for efficient assessment of recognition and processing of adjusted fees if appropriate.

If you are not enrolled in a TAFE NSW course, you can apply for RPL at any time during the year.

How much Recognition can I be granted?

Applicants may be granted Recognition for up to 100% of a TAFE NSW qualification on the basis of relevant studies, work or life experience.

Is there a cost?

If you are enrolled in the course for which you are seeking recognition, there is no fee for assessment of your application, and your student fee may actually be reduced.

Enterprises or individuals requiring a customised service may access the Commercial Recognition Service.

What if I have lost my supporting documents to support my application?

You can ask your Teacher about other options to assess your competence. For example, a challenge activity, requesting duplicate documents from the issuing organisation, or written references from paid or volunteer work.

What is a portfolio?

A portfolio is a collection of assembled evidence that proves that you already have the skills and knowledge in the units or course for which you are seeking RPL.

Can my TVET qualification be credited towards a national qualification? Yes. Most schools have programs that link directly to national industry qualifications, so you can claim credit for those skills you already have.

Will my overseas skills and qualifications be recognised?

If you have overseas qualifications in the same or related field of study for which you're applying, you may gain credit for some of the modules in your TAFE NSW course. For more information contact the Multicultural Education Coordinator at TAFE NSW Wollongong on 4229 0151.

How long does the process take?

The recognition process should be applied as close to enrolment as possible. This will allow timely processing of your records and adjusted fees for government subsided courses. Credit Transfers should be processed within a few weeks after enrolment. For Recognition of Prior Learning, a pre-assessment of your skills, experience and the evidence is conducted before the RPL application is processed. Your teach will discuss the application process and timelines for submitting evidence.

Will my qualifications from another registered training organisation be recognised by TAFE NSW?

TAFE NSW recognises qualifications that are part of the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). Under these arrangements, AQF qualifications gained from other RTO's will be recognised by TAFE NSW. This form of Recognition is called National Recognition.

Do I have to attend class while I am waiting for a decision about my Recognition?

Applying for recognition as part of enrolment will support you in not having to attend classes you do not need to as processing of recognition should be completed within a few weeks.

For Recognition of Prior Learning, a pre-assessment of your skills, experience and the evidence is conducted before the RPL application is processed.  If you are not eligible for RPL or credit transfer, your study options will be discussed with your Teacher or Head Teacher.

Who do I ask about recognition?

Customer Service Officers and Counsellors can give you general information and support on the recognition process. Head teachers and your class teachers can provide specific advice, support and information on how to apply for recognition in the qualification in which you are enrolled.

Can I appeal the outcome of the Recognition decision?

You can lodge an appeal if you feel that the process used to assess your application for Recognition was unfair. You must appeal in writing within 10 days of receiving notification of the result of your application. The initial appeal must be sent to the Head Teacher of your course.