Frequently Asked Questions

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If its not answered below, contact the Recruitment Officer on 02 4221 8954.


How do I know what positions are vacant?

You will find listings for permanent positions in teaching, management, administration and support areas advertised on various websites including:


How do I apply for a position with TAFE NSW?

When you see a position advertised, be sure to obtain the position's information package. This will tell you everything you need to know about applying.

For more information see How Can I apply?.


How does TAFE NSW choose the successful applicant?

Applicants are selected on merit. Applicant's claims are assessed against the criteria for the position based on evidence gathered during the selection process. This includes information provided in the application, from trade or other skill assessments, during the interview and from referee reports.


How long does the recruitment process take?

The timing will vary however the selection panel convenors will complete their process as quickly as possible. The convenor will advise an approximate timeframe for the process.

Please note that due to the checking process in place it may be up to eight weeks following the application deadline before the position is finalised.


How do I become a TAFE NSW teacher?

TAFE NSW employs full time and part-time casual teachers.

In order to apply for a permanent teaching position you must have the relevant qualifications and industrial experience for the discipline in which you are applying to teach.

New full-time teachers are required to complete a teacher education course unless they have completed a recognised course. A part release from duties is provided for new permanent teachers to attend their course.

Faculties regularly advertise opportunities for part-time casual teaching suitability lists.

For further information on how to become a TAFE NSW Teacher visit the Teaching @ TAFE webpage.


Do I need a degree to teach?

The required teacher qualifications vary according to the discipline.  Check with the Faculty Director or Head Teacher in the discipline you are interested in.

You can find out further information about faculty units by visiting the Working with TAFE NSW webpage.

As a part-time casual teacher, are there set hours and can I only teach at night?

Your teaching hours will vary depending on the needs of the teaching section. Part-time teaching hours may be available during the day or evening.

The Faculties advertise and select suitable applicants for placement on a suitability list. Each semester, Head Teachers plan teaching needs and offer teaching to part-time casual teachers who are on the suitability list.


Can I send in my résumé in case a position becomes available?

No. To ensure merit selection, résumés are only accepted when referenced to an advertised position. The NSW TAFE Commission’s recruitment policy requires that applicants respond directly to advertisements for vacant positions. You must complete an official TAFE NSW job application form and must address the selection criteria to the position.


Am I required to submit references with my application?

No, references are not required. TAFE NSW conducts referees checks for all successful applicants and for applicants placed on an eligibility or suitability list.

You will need to provide the names and contact details of at least two referees. One of these should be a current or recent supervisor. It is a good idea to give your referee a copy of the duty statement and selection criteria as this will assist them in completing the report.


Who can I contact to find out about the position and the selection criteria?

You can contact the selection panel convenor to discuss the position, selection criteria and selection process, or any other information you require. The convenor's name is included in the position's information package.


When will I be notified of the outcome of my application?

You will receive a letter acknowledging receipt of your application. Applicants who are placed on the shortlist will be called for testing and/or interview. Applicants who are successful in being called for testing and/or interview may be contacted by phone in the first instance, with written advice by email or mail provided a minimum of three days prior to the interview date.

Letters advising the final outcome of your application will be sent at the completion of the process. This may take up to 12 weeks from the closing date for application. If the process is delayed you will receive notification.


Who can I contact to find out where the recruitment process is up to?

You should contact the selection panel convenor who is listed on the front of the information package.


Can I get feedback on my application?

Yes. Your letter will advise you that you can contact the selection panel convenor and request a post-selection meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to provide feedback on strengths and weaknesses of your application and interview.