Tips for preparing your application


Preparing a job application for TAFE NSW? Here are some useful tips.

  1. Download a copy of the information package for the position.
  2. If you would like additional information or clarification about the duties or current challenges in the role, contact the selection panel convenor. Their contact details are included in the information package.
  3. Be sure to address each of the selection criteria in your application. The Selection Panel will be reviewing your application to determine if you meet the selection criteria. It is recommended that you create a separate heading for each of the selection criteria. Under each heading provide:
    • examples such as relevant projects, work experience and other experiences
    • an outline of your role relevant to the criteria
    • an example of the outcomes that were achieved
  4. Most importantly
    • review your application, check for typing, spelling, grammar and formatting errors
    • check that you have included everything
    • ask yourself whether the information would be understood by someone who is not familiar with the experiences you have listed.
  5. Ask someone to check your application, just in case you have missed something.
  6. Select referees who can confirm your experiences in relation to the selection criteria. One of your referees should be a current or recent supervisor.
  7. Attach your claim for the position, resume, qualification (if relevant).

For further information refer to the Checklist for Applicants.