Course and career advice

Making a career choice can be tough; lady with question marks on a blackboard

There are so many career choices available. Are you finding it difficult to decide which one is right for you?

Whether you’re a current or future student, our TAFE NSW Counsellors can:

  • help you to make an informed decision about the best educational or training pathway for you
  • assist you in using websites and career information resources
  • help you to identify possible career directions.

If you’re a current student, our Counsellors can also help by conducting a comprehensive vocational assessment.

If you would like to speak with or make an appointment with a TAFE NSW Counsellor, you can contact the TAFE NSW Counsellor directly or contact your nearest Campus. You can also email your Course and Careers enquiry - please allow two-four working days for a response.

Websites you may find useful:

Job Guide Website

If you’re feeling a little stuck for career ideas, check out the Job Guide website for a little inspiration. Here you will find many useful articles helping you to explore the many exciting career options available to you.

My Future Website

The MyFuture website features some great online activities which help you to build your personal career profile, explore career ideas and develop your career plan. You’ll also discover some other useful facts and information.

Australian Apprenticeships and Traineeships Information Website

If you are looking for information about Australian Apprenticeship and Traineeship or would like to try an aptitude test, check out the Career Resources section. You can also watch occupational videos and find out more about job pathways for many career fields.

Defence Jobs Website

If you’ve always dreamed of being in the Defence Force, make sure you visit the Defence Jobs website for more information about your dream career.

NSW Police Recruitment Website

Are you interested in becoming a police officer? If so, visit the Recruitment section of the Police NSW website for further information about everything you need to know.

Care Careers Website

If you’re thinking about a career in the care sector, this website will provide you with information about jobs, forums and career advice.