Educational Support

If you need assistance with your studies, our TAFE NSW Counsellors can help.

About TAFE NSW Counsellors

TAFE NSW Counsellors can:

  • refer you to a variety of TAFE NSW support services
  • work with other support services to help you during your time at TAFE NSW
  • help you as a flexible delivery student
  • help you with study skills.

If you would like to speak with or make an appointment with a TAFE NSW Counsellor, you can contact the TAFE NSW Counsellor directly or contact your nearest Campus.

Support for Students

Aboriginal Education Centre

As an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, you can access specific courses and support via the Aboriginal Education Centre.

Disability Support

If you have a disability there is educational support and technical equipment available to assist you.

International students’ services

As an international student you have access to various International student services.

Learning support

If you are having problems keeping up with your study, there are additional supports available to you, covering areas such as literacy, numeracy and computer skills.

Multicultural education services

If you are from a non-English speaking background (CALD), there are multicultural education services that can assist you in finding suitable support services such as English Language programs, overseas qualification advice and interpreters.