Young people

If you need advice in exploring your study options or help with personal issues while studying, why not make an appointment with one of our TAFE Counsellors?

How we can help

Our TAFE Counsellors can help with any of the following topics:

Future Students

Current Students

Leaving school

Study skills

TVET - TAFE while at School

Relationship difficulties

Apprenticeships and traineeships


TAFE to University

Sexual identity

Career choices

Drug and alcohol issues

Job seeking

Trauma and mental health


Money Problems


Grief and Loss

Course and Career Choices

Job Seeking

TAFE to University

If you would like to speak with or make an appointment with a TAFE Counsellor, you can contact the TAFE Counsellor directly or contact your nearest Campus.

Useful external websites

Reachout Australia/

If you ever are feeling a little low, or in need of some advice the Reachout website is a great resource to keep in mind. It offers lots of articles, fact sheets, personal stories and can help you to connect with other young people.


Headspace is designed to help young people like yourself by providing useful information on mental illness, substance abuse and much more.


If you want information about sexuality issues, if you are gay, lesbian, bisexual, queer or transgender, the Twenty10 website can help.


If you’re having legal issues, or just need some information, the Lawstuff website can provide you with easy to understand legal information designed specifically for young people.