Mentoring Program for students

Two male students one holds a pen over paper as if they are working at a desk, the other is leaning in to help support the student


Mentors can assist you develop your education and build your networks during your educational journey. Mentoring provides a strong support structure to help you get through those bumpy times and better deal with any problems.

Program Outline

The Student Mentoring Program is free and available to you as a student with us. The Career Development Assessment and Counselling (CDAAC) Mentoring Program provides career development services to assist  you as an individual manage your career pathways, make work  and study decisions, plan career transitions and access career information.


Please call our friendly staff at the Careers and Counselling Unit to register on 02 4229 0535.

Initial meeting

Early meetings with your mentor may include:
  • help with to complete your course and get work
  • a career assessment
  • counselling
  • mentoring plan
  • goal setting
  • a Mentoring Agreement to help you keep focused.

How can a mentor help?

You will have support progressing towards your careers, enhance our learning process and build their networks.

The benefits

You're less likely to be sidetracked as you'll be taught tools and resources to help you stay on track  and better dealing with stressful or difficult periods. Having solid support of this kind can lower your stress levels.