Student Information

student information

Find all the important info you need on the Student learner portal, your TAFEcard and Rights and Responsibilities.

Student learner portal

Did you know that as a student at TAFE NSW, you can access a range of services through the Student learner portal?

By logging into the Student learner portal you can:

  • view your personal details, enrolment details and unit/module results
  • view your employer details
  • change your contact details
  • request a transcript of results
  • view notifications and calendar information such as scheduled TAFE NSW final examinations.

You will receive information about how to register for the Student learner portal when you enrol.


Don't forget to get your TAFEcard when you enrol with TAFE NSW.

The TAFEcard is a student identification card. It displays your photograph, name and student number and is a compulsory form of identification at TAFE NSW. Your enrolment is not complete until you have your TAFEcard photograph taken.

Your TAFEcard can be used for:

  • student identification on Campus and in final examinations
  • registration on the TAFE NSW Library network
  • photocopying and printing within the library
  • membership of student associations
  • identification of eligible student travel concessions.

You should carry your TAFEcard whenever you are on Campus. You will need it in order to use Campus facilities and to prove your identity. You will also need it to sit any TAFE NSW final examinations.

NOTE: Please keep your TAFEcard as it can be re-activated if you decide to re-enrol with TAFE NSW.


During the first week of each unit in your course, you will be provided with:

  • an outline of the unit
  • the assessment requirements
  • any special health and safety requirement
  • information about support services available to you

Assessment tasks can vary for each unit but are generally a combination of a variety of activities such as class tests, examinations, projects, assignments and group work.

You will be advised by each teacher at the beginning of your course/units what form of assessment is required. Student assessment guides contain information about assessment requirements for the course as a whole as well as assessment tasks for each unit in the course. The guide includes essential information you need to know to complete all of the course and unit requirements.

For additional helpful information, download TAFE NSW's Every Student's Guide to Assessment.

You can get the full course structure for your course and Course Assessment Guide from the TAFE NSW Website. To find the course structure:

  1. Go to ‘Find a Course’
  2. Enter your course selection criteria
  3. Select ‘Course Structure’ from the last tab
  4. Download the Student Assessment Guide – Course.

Testamurs and transcripts

If you successfully complete a nationally recognised qualification, a TAFE NSW accredited course, a course accredited by another authority but delivered by TAFE NSW, or a TAFE Statement (non-AQF), you will receive a TAFE NSW testamur.

Your testamur is an official security-protected certificate showing the qualification you attained. At the end of each semester you will also receive a transcript setting out your results.
For a replacement certificate, please phone 1300 766 123 or visit our Customer Service Centre staff at your local campus.  More information is available on the TAFE NSW Website.

Students rights and responsibilities

TAFE NSW provides all students with the opportunity to study, learn and develop skills in a safe and healthy adult educational and social environment.

When you complete your enrolment you agree to abide by the regulations relevant to TAFE NSW and declare that the information you supplied is true and correct.

As a student, you have a right to:

  • be treated fairly and with respect by TAFE NSW staff and students
  • learn in an environment free of discrimination and harassment
  • pursue their education goals in a supportive and stimulating environment
  • have access to counselling
  • privacy concerning Institute records or documents which contain personal information (subject to statutory requirements)
  • lodge a complaint without fear of victimisation.

As a student, you are expected to:

  • treat other people with respect and fairness
  • notify the Customer Service Centre at your loca Campus about any changes to your contact information
  • not engage in plagiarism (piracy, copying, forgery), collusion or cheating in any academic assessment or examination
  • submit assessment tasks by the due date (or seek approval for extension of deadline in exceptional circumstances)
  • return or renew library resources on time
  • observe normal safety practices eg wear approved clothing and protective equipment and follow directions both written and verbal given by authorised officers
  • a student will not be permitted to enter or remain at any location/site if barefooted - footwear such as thongs, platform shoes and stiletto heels are prohibited
  • refrain from the use of mobile phones, pagers and other electronic means of communication in classroom and other learning areas
  • refrain from swearing in classrooms and other learning areas
  • refrain from smoking in all Campus buildings
  • refrain from eating and drinking in classrooms
  • behave in a responsible manner by not:
  • littering
  • harassing fellow students or staff
    *damaging, stealing, modifying or misusing property
    *entering the Campus with drugs, alcohol or weapons or being under the influence of drugs or alcohol
    *engaging in other behaviour which could offend, embarrass or threaten others
  • refrain from riding skateboards and in-line skates on Campus
  • refrain from playing any non-authorised sporting activities within the Campus grounds.

For more information refer to the TAFE NSW Student Guide or call 1300 766 123.

For a replacement certificate, please phone 1300 766 123 or visit our Customer Service Centre staff at your local campus.